Virus & Malware Removal

AVsIs your computer suddenly acting strange? Let us check it…might be a Virus, Trojan or Malware infection.

The most common symptoms of a virus infection are:

  • Computer slows down without reason
  • Unusual messages or displays on your monitor
  • Unusual sounds or music played at random times
  • Some of your files become corrupted or suddenly don’t work properly
  • Unknown programs or files have been created
  • Programs or files are suddenly missing
  • A disk or volume name has been changed our system has less available memory than it should

We recommend fast action, because the virus infection spread very fast, and can produce significant damage to your file and system.

When we take a virus removal case, PBG technician start from the bottom of the Virus, Trojan and Adware disinfection process. Our A+/MCSE certificate technicians will:

  • Scan, detect, remove and assure further protection on your computer
  • Make sure you have only the emails you need and eliminate the spam
  • We lock down your data by setting up your firewall
  • PBG will install a FREE antivirus for your further protection

Ad wares are applications that allows advertising companies to inundate you with never ending assault of pop-up ad after pop-up add These applications allow hackers and advertising companies to track all your computer activity, both online and offline! Spyware can track the keystrokes you make, websites you visit, the keyword terms you use in search engines, the items you buy online, the emails you send and receive, your Instant Message dialog, and worst of all they can even record your credit card number, personal identification numbers, and all of your computer and Internet passwords. There are a number of indicators you can watch for which will suggest that your computer has been infected by spyware or adware, included:

PC Performance – Both spyware and adware consume your PC’s resource like computer memory

Pop up Ads – It is highly likely that your computer is infected by adware if you notice more pop up ads appearing than usual

Browser Settings – Your internet favorites or bookmarks and start page are two main settings which are targeted by spyware authors. Any unexpected change to your start page is a sign of infection

Start up Programs – Some spyware variants will try to add themselves to your Windows start up program list and make your boot up time to becomes noticeably slower

Software Failure – A spyware infection can cause some of your programs to crash or stop working. In particular watch if your Internet Explorer browser refuses to work all of a sudden.

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Despite all our ongoing efforts: the spam problem continues to worsen, with nine out of every ten emails now spam; spam volume has increased by 80% over just the past few months and users face a constantly morphing flood of malware trying to take over their computers.


Don’t launch any unknown attachments from incoming e-mail messages! File attachments is a most preferred transport of internet worms!

And, if by mistake you did it and get a Virus or a Spyware…DON’T WORRY…We are here for you!