Laptop & Tablet Repair

During our years of experience we have noticed a variety of common symptoms when it comes to laptop problems. Below are a just a few of these encounters and what you can do to solve it before calling us. If you are still having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us.

Broken LCD:    If you see a black spider web with bad picture, that must be a broken LCD. A broken LCD can not be fixed, it has to be replaced. We also offer LCD pannel replacement for Mac Books. It is 40% cheaper than replacing the Aluminum LCD assembly.

Water damaged LCD:    Some minor water damage can be taken care of, especially if the laptop was unplugged from the power and the battery removed quickly. (Do not turn it on, just bring it for service. It takes a few days to completely dry it yourself)

Black LCD:    The LCD can lose the back light because of a bad light bulb (CCFL) or a bad inverter. Either parts can be changed and the LCD is good to go.

Flickering LCD:    The cause of that is a bad LCD cable or damaged LCD or bad video chip. We do have VGA chip reballing service, where we remove the video chip from the motherboard and clean the soldering then solder it back (BGA rework).

Power Jack problem:    If the Laptop loses power when moving the power plug, it mostly because of a loose or broken power jack. You should fix this problem as the damage to the motherboard can get worse over time. We change all types of power jacks with OEM parts (as some others might just re-solder the old ones). After we change the power jack, we do such a clean job, it is impossible to tell that the motherboard was serviced. The power tip can also break; in that case we replace the plug or the whole power adapter.

Shutting off:    If the notebook shuts off after 15 minutes or so, it must be an over heating issue due to a fan frailer or dirty heat sink. We recommend dusting off the heat sink every 6 months, or the fans life time is shortened.

Intermediate freeze:    This problem is mostly due to a cold soldering. Cold soldering is where a soldering point breaks or crack and the connection is weak or effected by pressure. Cold soldering is caused by defective or dirty manufacturing environment or extreme pressure or heat on internal components. We can locate most of the cold solder problems and correct it. We use a microscope to inspect solder points and we can actually see the micro cracks in the solder and rework it. Most of these issues happen to the video cards and main controller chips as they tend to heat up the most.

No Boot:    The laptop might not boot because of a power problem or a dead motherboard or a corrupted operating system. In any case, we can recover your data from your hard drive and burn it on a DVD so you can use your information while we fix your notebook.

Power on Password:    If you forget the password for Windows 7, Vista or XP, we can fix that. If you forgot the password on your laptop, we can change the security chip on some motherboards. We are currently not servicing all password recovery as we are not specialized in this field.

Slow performance:    Some hardware problems can slow down your laptop, mostly the hard drive, if you hear a clicking noise, then it is the hard drive. (Backup your data ASAP). Most of the software slow performance is due to a Spyware or a virus infection. When your computer is infected, the Spyware will try to collect information and send it to the Internet or display ads causing your computer to crash. On the other hand, installing some software can cause a conflict for example: running more than one anti virus at the same time. We know about most of the software and we can easily pick the problematic ones.

Water Damage:    If you spill water on your laptop or any electronic piece. Unplug the power and the battery right away. Please do not try to dry it by yourself, not even with hair dryer. Water can get trapped in places that it could take up to a month to evaporate. Please do not get tempted to turn it on to see if it will work, you might just lose your chance of salvaging your motherboard. Bring it to us, we will trace the spill and clean it professionally within few days.