Laptop Screen Repair

Is a cracked screen a death sentence? Nah, it happens!

Many believe that a cracked computer screen is a death sentence for their laptop. While it is true that OEMs typically do not provide coverage for “accidental” damage like a screen crack, cracked computer screens can be fixed using professional 3rd party services; in many instances, the use of these services are a faster and cheaper alternative to mailing a laptop back to the manufacturer.

While owning a laptop is certainly more convenient than owning a desktop, their mobile nature make screen cracks a very real possibility; this is compounded by the fact that the laptop’s screen is the most fragile part of the device. A screen can crack if a laptop falls off a table, is closed too quickly, or is stepped on, but generally happens most often as a result of poor handling during transportation. When an older laptop has a screen crack, many chalk it up to it simply being time to purchase a new computer; however, disregarding a screen crack on a newer computer is simply the loss of an often significant investment. This can be avoided, however, by choosing a professional laptop repair service to quickly and correctly install a new screen to make it “good as new”.

Should I Do it Myself?

While there are quite a few tutorials online that show owners how to fix a cracked computer screen themselves, it is not recommended; laptop screens are extremely difficult to remove, contain many fragile parts, and an owner who decides to take on this task on their own runs their risk of damaging their computer beyond repair. For this reason, it is recommended the screen fixes be completed by professionals.

Other screen issues  we also take care of:

  •     Discoloration on screens
  •     Computer screens with dead pixels
  •     ‘Ink-blots’, or irregular dark spots on Computer screens
  •     LCD Screen Replacement
  •     LED Screen Replacement
  •     OLED Screen Replacement

We can custom order a screen for your laptop – a process which usually takes 2-5 business days. In either case, we use only the highest quality OEM-level parts in all of our screen replacements, and offer a full 30 day warranty on the part and our labor.