Data Recovery


In some cases you may know exactly why you have lost your data. You may have dropped your external hard drive or laptop and now it is inaccessible. You may hear clicking noises or the hard drive may not be spinning at all. These are clearly physical in nature. Meaning the hard drive itself has been damaged and is no longer functioning. In these instances you should contact a data recovery company and no longer apply power to the hard disk drive.

In other cases you may only know that you are unable to access your hard drive, but may not know the reasons why. The following is meant to be informative and to help you through the process of retrieving data from your hard disk.

Physical Hard Drive Problems

We specialize in physical recovery. Physical crash is due to the physical damage of the parts inside of the drive which can cause a clicking noise or grinding noise from the drive. The other type of data loss can be Logical crash and that happens due to the lost or damaged partition table or virus attack to the boot sector of the drive. In these cases drive sounds absolutely normal but the computer will not boot or asks the user to format the drive.

Let us start with physical hard drive issues. Your hard drive is most likely having a physical issue if it has any of the following symptoms:

• Clicking sounds
• Scratching or grinding sounds (turn off immediately!)
• Other strange noises
• Not powering on
• Powers on but does not spin up
• Burning smell
• Not being recognized by the computer or operating system
• Other obvious signs of malfunctioning hard drive

In these cases hard drive recovery software would not be your best course of action and could only make matters worse, possibly making further data recovery attempts impossible. In this type of situation it is advisable to send the disk to a data recovery company. Fill out an easy quote form to find out how Palm Beach Geek can help!

Logical Hard Drive Problems

Next we have file system issues or “logical” disk problems. If you or someone else has accidentally deleted data, deleted or formatted the partition or a virus has made your hard drive data inaccessible,  logical ⁄ forensic recovery may be your best and most cost effective means of getting your data back. Of course, recovery software is not the best solution for everyone. It can be a complicated process at times and in some cases can actually do more damage to the hard disk. If you would rather have a competent technician recover data from your hard drive, or need help in any way, give us a call and let the experts assist you in getting your data back!

RAID Recovery Specialists

Over the years large corporations, home grown businesses, and end users have migrated their data storage needs from a single solution, to high speed, multi-cached, distributed I/O configurations. Redundant Array Of Independent Disks or RAID technology has been available for many years, its prevalence has become increasingly significant due to larger operating systems, more robust applications, and a myriad of graphic and sound storage requirements. We understand all of these needs and address them on a personal level. We recover inaccessible data from nearly all forms of RAID system servers including storage media like PowerVault, Drobo and G-Raid.

We have free evaluations for your RAID crash 24/7. After the evaluation we will provide you with a diagnosis as well as the steps needed to recover the RAID array. We recover broad range of servers like Dell and HP servers based on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

iPhone, iPad, Flash Drive, Memory Card Recovery

Amnet recovers data from crashed iPad and iPhone. We understand the importance of your data and will do everything possible to help you get your data back. Our team of engineers has decades of experience in data recovery and we have extended that expertise to cover iPad, iPhone and other digital handheld devices.

Outlook PST/Lost File Recovery

Over Sized or corrupt Outlook PST / OST File Recovery Microsoft Outlook limits the size of Personal Folders, PST files and offline folders; OST files to 2GB. When the size of your offline folder (.ost file) or personal folder (PST file) exceeds 2 gigabytes (GB), data corruption may occur, and you may not be able to access the PST or OST file. Sometime files may just become corrupt due to number of unknown reasons, or some email messages may just vanish. Our expert team can fully recover your emails and save them for you in a new .pst format so you can import that to any computer or we can even change the format to be usable on Mac or PC.

Mac and Apple Data Recovery

Whether using a PC or a Mac, for business or pleasure, valuable data should be protected from impending harm caused by a virus, hackers, power surges, human error, natural disasters and more. The most important step in keeping data safe from being deleted, stolen, lost or damaged is to back-up regularly. By doing so, if something should happen to threaten the integrity of the electronic information, users will still have a recent copy of all important files, emails, databases, spreadsheets and more. In case there is no backup we do Mac Recovery and Apple Data Recovery using methods have been proven to be highly effective and successful with great rates on data recovery jobs.

Laptop & Portable Drive Data Recovery

Palm Beach Geek specializes in laptop data recovery. Our specialists have the tools, in-depth knowledge, and experience necessary to get you quickly up and running. Whether your laptop has been damaged due to mechanical failures, deleted files or partitions, reformatting, overwriting, software malfunction, viruses, fire or water damage, we can help. In most cases, the laptop’s hard drive is all that is needed. However, in situations where the laptop has been physically damaged, feel free to send or bring the entire system. We have an exceptionally high successful rate on laptop Data Recovery. We have performed data recovery from all manufacturers of notebooks and laptops, including Western Digital, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Seagate, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi, SamSung, G-Raid, Maxtor and many others.

Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery happens due to deletion of the data by the user on purpose or mistake or running the restore CDs from the manufacturers which puts the drive to its original setup and deletes all users profile.

Computer forensic recovery, is the collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer-related evidence. Computer evidence can be useful in criminal cases, civil litigation, and human resource and employment proceedings.
Far more information is retained in a computer than most people realize. It´s also more difficult to completely remove information than is generally thought. For these reasons, as well as others, computer forensic examinations can typically recover lost or deleted information (or at a minimum find evidence of the information) even when it has been intentionally deleted.

Computer hard drive forensic examinations go far beyond normal data recovery techniques, probing areas and files on the media not normally accessed by untrained personnel. These examinations can locate whatever data a business, agency, or individual needs.